UNITA: 'Kwacha Angola' (1972-1973)

Materialien zur Analyse von Opposition

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From the UNITA movement of Angola we can present only two issues of 'Kwacha Angola' that we obtained from the central archives of the German KBW.

Liste der als Scans vorhandenen Zeitungen

Excerpts from the database "Materialien zur Analyse von Opposition"

Dezember 1972:
Probably in December the UNITA publishes a special edition of 'Kwacha Angola' (see Apr. 1973) to introduce itself.

Contents are:
- "Introduction";
- "1961 - UNITA'S point of view" by A. Valukuta;
- "1964 - Jonas Savimbi resigns from GRAE";
- "1966 - UNITA was born. Difficulties";
- "The Programme of UNITA";
- "1967 - Revolution and reconstruction";
- "'Real revolution must revolutionize all aspects of life'";
- "1969 - We have our own philosophy";
- "The role of the army in Angola";
- "Portuguese army";
- "Liberation of the towns";
- "Liberated and disputed areas";
- "Angolan national consciousness";
- "1971 - Autumn in the maquis";
- "1972 - Come and see yourself";
- "Concrete efforts toward unity";
- Letters from the OUA and the Zambian government on the unity of the Angolan movements;
- "OAU and neighbours";
- "UNITA - Liberation Movement without illusions";
- "La conspiration du silence";
- "The unpublished letter to Le Monde diplomatique";
- "La situation militaire en Angola - premier semestre" on the first half of 1972;
- "La situation militaire en Angola - deuxieme semestre" on the second half of 1972;
- "Appeal to militants and sympathizers"; and
- "UNITA. Structure - Politics - Perspectives" by A. Valukuta.
Quelle: Kwacha Angola sepcial edition, London 1972

April 1973:
The UNITA publishes its information bulletin 'Kwacha Angola' (see Dec. 1972).

Contents are:
- "Remembering brother Amilcar Cabral";
- "Terre libre de l'Angola: Communiques speciaux";
- "The battle continues";
- "Mobile warfare";
- "The consolidation of the bases";
- "Moving ahead";
- "Friendly aid";
- "Unity of the movements";
- "United Nations General Assembly: A report on territories under Portuguese administration";
- "Reflexions d'un maquisard";
- "UNITA and the world press";
- "Solidarity with the people of Azania: a necessity, an imperative"; and
- "L'OUA denonce la politique francaise" on the OAU.
Q: Kwacha Angola, London Apr. 1973

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